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Our Core Values


Our Commitment to Major Corporations & Private Companies.

Private Companies and Major Corporations are the trend setters and the decision makers for the global industries. The corporate structure of the modern world is molded by the various CEOs and Board of Directors of these economic giants as they supply the world with mass quantities of goods and services.

We at Oracle Business Partners understand that these companies are heavily reliant on opportune preparation of financial records, completion of audit and other attestation services, adequate filing with various regulators and stakeholders and constructive consultation for planning future operations.

Our commitment to you is to provide the essential support to compliment your existing finance structure by bridge the gaps that may exist in your organizational structure. Our internal and external audit functions combined with our team’s world class accounting service performance will ensure that you fulfill your reporting obligations. With our customizable services we will help to show you the way to a tomorrow that is better than yesterday.

Our Commitment to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s)

Small and Medium-Sized Entities (SMEs) or small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are companies whose revenue or personnel / employee head count fall below certain limits. However, SMEs outnumber large companies by a wide margin as they account for approximately 95% of all companies around the world.

We at Oracle Business Partners recognize that SMEs are notable factors in driving innovation and competition in many economic sectors. Although separately small in number and considerably limited in resources, aggregately SMEs have successfully maintained their role as the core of the global economic markets.

Our commitment to you is to provide a trustworthy accounting shoulder for your executive team to lean on while allowing your current resources to be focused on other areas of the operation. We commit to provide support in bridging the gap between your now and your tomorrow by designing, implementing, and monitoring an effective internal control environment and assistance in the consistent upkeep of the financial reporting required by regulators and other key stakeholders.


Our Commitment to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a process of identifying and starting a business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture.

We at Oracle Business Partners recognize that Entrepreneurs make a difference in the economy. Through development of unique and innovative ideas, your drive helps to make past dreams our future reality as you bringing new concepts and products to market, and creating jobs and wealth.

Our commitment to you is to provide a practical opinion and adequate consultation and reporting that will keep timely and reliable financial information within your grasp. Our customized range of affordable and simplified services will help guide you along the path of transforming your home based business into the major global company of your dreams. As per our motto, we work with you not just for you!

Our Commitment to Government & Public Sectors

Governmental Entities are those entities operated and or owned by the Local Government or the State. These entities are usually responsible for fulfilling the basic needs of a society such as education, utilities, sporting and cultural events, etc.

We at Oracle Business Partners recognize that Public sector entities have different goals, as opposed to gaining profit, the one main goal of the private sector entities. In government accounting, the entity has the responsibility of fiscal accountability which is demonstration of compliance in the use of resources in a budgetary context.

Our commitment to you is to provide detailed, transparent and user friendly reporting in order to facilitate the overall consolidation of the governmental budget to actual for the relevant period. By working hand in hand with the other existing arms of the governmental and regulatory bodies, we will assist in the adequate preparation, summarization and revision of any required accounting related functions and projects.

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